Sports do not build character in our children. Transformational coaches do.
We equip and support coaches to be full-hearted leaders and mentors
that positively influence the lives of young people.

The Coach Forum

Receive Expert insight

Join like-minded colleagues from across the Southeast to sharpen your coaching staff with a day of powerful leadership insights from highly respected coaches, athletes, psychologists, authors and sports professionals.



The Academy

Develop Full-Hearted Leaders

Athletes need coaches with heart. This 5-session experience provides in-depth development to impact-focused coaches and administrators who want to lead their young people with increased purpose, clarity, and passion.



AD Lunches

Connect with Colleagues

Become a part of our network where we provide frequent opportunities to connect with other athletic leaders, share ideas, and receive exclusive resources.


Custom Development

Address your Specific Needs

Tailor an experience to fit your community and schedule. Whether it’s an individual administrator, coaching staff, or entire athletic department, we help athletic leaders be at their best.



Bill Whittemore

Bill Whittemore

Head Football Coach, Franklin Road Academy

Nashville Coaching Coalition has brought meaning to our program and helped our players and staff really come alive. I have watched leaders be born, conflicts resolved in many areas, and tolerance of others develop.

Brian Waite

Brian Waite

Head Football Coach, East Nashville Magnet High School

From my work with NCC I took away that no matter where a coach comes from we really all have the same story and the same opportunity to affect change in ourselves and our community.

Becky LeGate

Becky LeGate

Head Women's Basketball Coach, Christ Presbyterian Academy

My experiences with NCC have allowed me to coach from a totally different perspective. I focus more on the player and the relationships, instead of just what the outcome is going to be. And through this, I have just enjoyed coaching so much more.

Corby Lucas

Corby Lucas

Athletic Director, Harding Academy

Working with the Nashville Coaching Coalition this year has been transformative. Our work has only begun, but I’m excited to know that this incredible resource is available for our coaching staff so that we can continue to become people of positive significance in the lives of the young people we coach.

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